Camilla – Midwife

As a child, the most important thing for me was becoming a mother. Ever since I found out that you yourself could make baby’s, I wanted one of my own. As soon as I met my husband, we made a baby and I became a mother at the age of 20. Our girl got ill and needed neonatal care. A whole new world opened for me and I always carry that experience with me when I meet children and parents. When I became a nurse, I started immediately on neonatal intensive care and I stayed there. I loved my work. I was able to work with ‘becoming a mom’, while others just became one. 

I am a midwife now and I still work on the neonatal ward. Since 2013 I rotated between childbirth care and neonatal care, so I get to work with parents in two completely different, yet amazing ways. I’m also trained as a child rights representative, so I always protect the child’s perspective in all decisions and issues. Unfortunately, just over three years ago, I was reminded again of what feels like to be terrified. My husband got seriously ill. I suddenly became a relative and not a midwife. That period has reminded me of the horror you experience when a loved one becomes seriously ill, which made me even more understanding and humble to our parents and siblings in the neonatal ward. I know I can make a difference for them, that I can make them hold on for another hour. If I can’t do anything else, I can always listen and comfort them.