Sofia – Nurse

There’s one thing that I’ve been thinking about a lot and that’s why I exactly do what I do. To be part of a person’s worst day in life and turn it into the best one. It is not only nice to see people becoming parents, but it is also wonderful to see how they behave and react to one another. It’s very special, when you get a child directly after being born who needs further care and you take him or her to the ward together with one parent. The parent gets to sit skin to skin with the baby while receiving all the essential information. The anxiety is almost palpable. He or she is so worried about the little baby, but also about the partner that is two floors up. 

Then you get a call from the delivery room that the mother is ready to come down to us. When you say that to the partner, you can see him or her calm down immediately. When the door opens, it’s enough for the parents to just be able to see each other. One glance, and they calm down, so amazing to see. Their relationship, how they feel secure, how they love each other. They have just become parents and I can see it in their eyes that they are a small new family. So when people ask me why I became a nurse or specialist nurse, it is because it gives me so much as a human being and not only as a healthcare professional. It’s not always about intensive care technology and medicines. It’s love, and that’s what it should be about.